Our Team

Claire Vanessa Goodwin - Executive Manager

Claire is excited to join the South King Housing and Homelessness Partners as the next Executive Manager. A lack of affordable housing is one of the most pressing challenges facing our region and she is eager to join the community of individuals and coalitions dedicated to addressing this need locally. Since 2014, Claire has been supporting elected officials and government leadership in local and state government in nonpartisan, analytical roles.
For the last three years, she has been developing policy on behalf of four members of the Tacoma City Council including changes to Tacoma’s Multifamily Property Tax Exemption Program and establishing prohibited areas of camping on public property. Claire spent the 2018 and 2019 state legislative sessions as a Fiscal Analyst on the Senate Ways and Means Committee crafting the statewide budget on behalf of the Committee Chair for 23 state agencies, including the Department of Commerce.
Working under the Town Manager in Lexington, MA during a two-year International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Fellowship exposed her to all aspects of municipal management and instilled Claire’s passion for public service in local government. Claire graduated in 2015 from the H. John Heinz III College at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh with a Master of Science in Public Policy and Management. While in school, she worked for the City of Pittsburgh Mayor’s Department of Innovation and Performance and as a Legislative Assistant to Councilmember Natalia Rudiak. Before attending graduate school, Claire served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in North Macedonia.
Prior to the Peace Corps, Claire worked in Kathmandu, Nepal for a nonprofit established to house children who had been abandoned during the 10-year Nepali Civil War. Claire holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the Evergreen State College and is originally from the Pacific Northwest.


Dorsol Plants - Program Coordinator

Dorsol is a South King County resident, military veteran, and most recently Program Manager at Fusion, providing family homelessness support in Federal Way. Dorsol has worked and provide support in a wide array of human services across King County for over the past decade. Dorsol contributes a firsthand perspective of people moving out of King County entirely because they can no longer afford any of the available housing options, and a witness account of seeing communities disappear. Dorsol is very passionate about the need for a regional approach to housing solutions and is eager to contribute his frontline experience alongside an interest in land use policy and the intersection of governmental policy and individual needs.



SKHHP Staff Work Group

The SKHHP staff work group represents SKHHP partner jurisdictions in the areas of economic development, housing programs, human services, and land use planning. The SKHHP staff work group informs SKHHP staff and the SKHHP Executive Board on work plan and program priorities, and provides technical expertise and guidance to implement annual work plans and achieve SKHHP’s goals and priorities. The SKHHP staff workgroup meets monthly and forms sub-work groups as necessary to advance SKHHP priorities.

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